What is Apnamap?

Apnamap is a map service which allows you to plot a route of your choice which you can then forward to you friends via Email, SMS or social media options like Facebook and Twitter.

How does it work?

Once you register with Apnamap, you can plot a route from one point to another. The route can be drawn using a mouse on a PC. On a touch screen device like smartphone or tablet, you can draw using your finger or stylus.

Once the route is drawn, the same can be saved and can be accessed via a unique URL. You can email or SMS this URL to your friends or share it via social media options like Facebook and Twitter.

How will Apnamap help us?

Apnamap allows you to view the route passed to you by your friend and optionally match it with your position (for phones with GPS). This way, you can gauge if you are on the correct route or not.

How is it different from other mapping services like Google Map or Bing Maps?

It piggy backs on Google Map for displaying the route but it relies on the route given by your friend as it is very likely that Google Map doesn't have an inbuilt route to this destination. This comes in very handy, particularly to reach a final destination like your friend's house.

How do I access the route on my phone?

You will need a browser on your phone and the phone needs to be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or 3G. The route will display in the phone browser when you click on the link sent by your friend.

Will it work on my phone?

If your phone has a modern browser, the basic route should display. Additional features like tracking your route will need a smartphone with inbuilt GPS capability.